Jolypops 15W Wireless Car Charger Phone Holder for iPhone Samsung Huawei CWR01


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Wireless Charging while Navigating


Compatible Qi-enabled Devices

More other Qi-enbled devices are not showed below Other some devices need a wireless charging receiver

Suitable for Most Screen Sizes

4.7~6.8 inch

Clip arms can hold phone screen sizes for 4.7 ~ 6.8 inch

Large 2.5D Mirror Surface

Better Heat Dissipation

Soft Backlight Panel

LOGO Status Light

Touch Sensor Key

Just touch one or both of the 2 side keys to control the 2 side clip arms to open or close

Coil Sense > Motivate Motor >Electric Clamp > Wireless Charge

Perfuming All the Way

Removable Scented Stick

Osmanthus | Lemon | Lavender( Choose 1 of the 3 kinds )

Voice Broadcast Prompt

Switch on the power : Please drive safely

Put your phone into : Wireless charging

Take your phone out : Stop wireless charging

Switch off the power : Please take care of your belongings

Built-in Small Power Source

After unplug the power cable or power off the car or the car stalled , you can still touch the side keys , and the clip arms will open , you can take your phone out

Original Integrated of Touch Key and Indicator LED

1.When power on blue,red and blue flash once
2.Standby mode Light keep off
3.FOD detected Flash red and blue
4.Wireless charging Blue light on
5.Non Samsung phone is charged fully Blue light on
6.Samsung phone is charged fully Light keep off

Charging with Shell Stil Fast

Transmission Distance≤8mm

*Note:the Phone shell cannot be metal or too thick

Reserve Direct Charge Cable Position

Put and Take Easy

The hook does not block the direct charging cable line

Triangular Mechanical Fixation Motor Electric Locking

360Rotatable & Horizontal

Free Adjustable Angle Adjustable

Operating Steps


Connect the charger and the air outlet clamp with the screw cap to the status of stable and 360° rotatable

② Put in Scented Stick

Slide the scented cover to open,take out the scented stick from the scented bag,and put it into the scented tank,then cover the scented cover tightly

③ Installation

Lay down the standing foot of the air outlet clamp, then press its clamp arms to open to clamp a air conditioning outlet blade of your car

④Switch on the Power

“Please drive safely”

Note:Must use QC2.0/QC3.0 adapter for fast charging

⑤ Standby Mode

The standby LOGO light keeps blue,and the 2 clip arms keep open

Original Integrated of Touch Key and Indicator LED

⑥Put to Charge and Self-hold
“Wireless Charging”

⑦Fully Charged
for Samsung phone
for non Samsung phone

8 Remove Phone
Touch the side key,the clip arms will automati cally open,just take your phone out.

“Stop wireless charging”

9. Unplug the Power Cable

“Please take care of your belongings”

FOD Protection

Stop Charging Metal for Safety

If metal foreign obiect is detected,the 2 side lights will flash red and blue,the wireless charging will automatically stop for safety.

Multiple Protection

1.Over-current Protection

2.Over-voltage Protection

3.Over-temperature Protection

4.Foreign Object Detection protection

Product Parameter:

Input: 9V/1.67A~2Aor 12V/1.5A

Transmission range:≤8mm
Conversion rate:≥73%
Inputinterface:Type-C port
Working frequency: 110-205kHz
Driving mode: DC5V gear motor
Color: Cool black,Gloss silver
Sensing method: Coil sensor,Touch sensor
Working ambient temperature: 0C~32℃
Battery capacity: 55mAh
Battery rating voltage: 3.7V
Battery rating power: 0.2W
Battery size: 20*10*4mm
Battery working ambient temperature: -10℃~80℃
Battery storage ambient temperature: -20C~60℃

Wireless charger size(with clip arms,hook,screw cap):122X76X58.5mm
Air outlet clamp size:68.8×38.2X47.8mm

Package size:143X99X65mm

List of the Packaging

  • Wireless charger *1

  • Air outlet clamp* 1

  • Type-c quick cable * 1

  • User manual*1

  • A bag of scented stick *1

  • (contains a scented stick )

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