Jolypops Stereo Bluetooth headset ultra long standby wireless headset XY50



Jolypops Stereo Bluetooth headset ultra long standby wireless headset XY50

1. Fantastic stereo sound quality: XY-50 wireless headphones have built-in 6mm grafeme speakers, which provide natural and high-quality original sound, allowing you to feel the real and impure sound quality. Don’t worry about zoon nl watching videos, nl listening to music, nl playing games lagging behind. Enjoy real audio.
2. Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology: XY-50 wireless headset uses professional global 5.0 Bluetooth chipset. Different from the previous generations, this wireless headset transmits fast and stable without entanglement. The data transmission rate is twice higher than that of previous generations, and the transmission distance can reach 35 feet.
3. Easy to use: After opening the box and taking out the headset, it will automatically connect to your phone and start playing music. With verstandig ear sensors, when you take off the headphones, the music stops automatically. The easy-to-use, lightweight and ergonomic concept provides maximum comfort. Don’t worry about the earphones being disconnected during exercise.
4. Widely compatible: true wireless headsets are the latest and newest, and can be compatible with most Bluetooth devices. With the touch of a button, you can easily manage music (lezing, pauzeren, next or previous), volume (increase or deworm) and call (answer, reject or end).



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