Jolypops wireless Bluetooth headset microphone earphone s9


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JolyPops bluetooth earphone s9

product advantages:
Key upgrade-add volume key On the basis of the previous generation of Bluetooth headset, the volume adjustment/up and down curve switching button is added, which has more functions than the same single button on the market.

Real-time display of earphone power
Supports real-time display of power in ios and some Android systems.

Can charge mobile phones
The newly upgraded 1200ma largecharging cabin can not only chargeheadphones, but also provide emergency batery life for mobile phones to get rid of the embarrassment of no electricity on mobile phones.

There is no difference between left and right ears
Find your own comfort
Flat and simple design makes it easy to wear left and right ears freely without rotation, which can satisfy the wearing habits of different groups and make them more free and comfortable.

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